Our mission is to expose students to various opportunities in the Real Estate industry and to provide them with knowledge to successfully pursue a career in this sector. The club helps students connect and network with local Real Estate professionals. We play a prominent role in bridging the gap between the classroom and the Real Estate world by encouraging students to explore what the industry has to offer.

The Real Estate Club’s priority is to educate students on the specificities of the Real Estate industry through networking opportunities and self-development resources. The main issue here is that real estate is everywhere we glance, yet most students do not know where to look for concrete information and hands on experience.



President: Emily Smith 

VP Internal Operations: Josh Randhawa
VP External Operations: Pauline Sels

VP Finance: Alexander Gobran
Director External Finance: Amir Geva
Director Internal Finance: Charles Cormier

VP Sponsorship: Tatyana Sophia Mazzone
VP Sponsorship: Riccardo Cogo

VP Events: Leo Wang
Director Events: Jeff Suprenant
Director Events: Maxence Prémont

VP Marketing: Kyle McDowell